Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Chicago Diner - Restaurant Review

Oh the Chicago Diner... I have heard such great things from all over the internet. I am happy to report it didn't disappoint! Choosing restaurants to eat at for your birthday is an important decision, and this was a very very right one. The atmosphere is very funky-alternative-hipster set in an old diner-style building with tables, chairs, and decor to match (the diner part, not the funky-alt-hip part). A very interesting mix indeed.

I started off with a mimosa, then ordered a crazy combo of items for my brunch: cinnamon roll, mac & teese, potato hash, tofu scrambled "eggs," and wheat toast with jam.

Me & my birthday mimosa! 

By far the very best thing was the cinnamon roll (which of course I have no picture of). It looked very average and I was ready to be a little bit disappointed, then I tasted it. It was so GOOD! The mimosa was fabulous and the tofu eggs and potato hash were salty and very well flavored. My only complaint was that the tofu eggs were a little dry as if they had been made earlier that morning and kind of just sat around, and I was underwhelmed with the mac & teese - mostly because we make that at home and it tasted exactly the same. At home = especially yummy, but I thought it might be even better in the restaurant. Instead it was the same. Which is a-okay if that is what you are going for.

To top it all off they gave me a free slice of cheesecake for my birthday. And it was heavenly. Like beyond normal good. It had a chocolate oreo-like crust, chocolate cheesecake filling and was topped with raspberry. Unfortunately I didn't have any more room in my stomach to eat it! So I took it to go, I will be snacking on it for the next 4 days if I can manage to not eat it all in one sitting. I wanted to add that we didn't wait at all for a table and only waited a little while to order. The food came really quickly. I read some other blogger reviews that said they waited forever. It must be the time of day. We arrived around 11 or 11:30am and had no trouble at all.

I also learned that the Chicago Diner is just a few blocks from the Cubs stadium which makes going to a baseball game sound so much more appealing.

Two thumbs up for the Chicago Diner. I will definitely be back!

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