About and Links

Why the Veg Review? Because blogs like this one help me navigate my way through everyday life as a vegan and new cities as a Veg-friendly tourist. Also, I spend a lot of time looking at the blogs listed below, so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and write about life as a vegan too.

My favorite Vegan blogs to read:
Chocolate Covered Katie
The Vegan Stoner
My Whole Foods Life
Healthy. Happy. Life. 
Your Vegan Mom
Post Punk Kitchen
Happy Herbivore
The Kind Life
Vegan Eats & Treats
Vegan MoFo

And there's always Urban Spoon, my go-to for vegan restaurant reviews. Check out my reviews at this link

One more Vegan related link to share is my Vegan Recipes Pinterest board. Check that out here
My favorite non-Vegan blogs to read (in case you're wondering):

Young House Love
Runs for Cookies
Fash Boulevard 
J's Everyday Fashion
Brittany Fuson
Bower Power

And of course... Hems & Haws and my husband's defunct blog, Tempo Runner.


  1. Hello! I just saw on the vegan mofo state list you are the only other Indiana Blogger. What city are you in? I live in Evansville.

    1. I am in West Lafayette! It is good to "meet" you and I'm glad you found me.

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  3. Hi! I'm the founder of PlantEaters (http://getplanteaters.com) and we're putting together a promotion program for veg*n bloggers. If you're interested, please email email me at dave at getplanteaters.com. Thanks!