Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome to the Veg Review

Vegan MoFo has inspired me to start this blog. Like I need another thing to do! I find that I make my husband crazy talking about vegan food and baking all the time, so maybe this outlet will let him off the hook a little. Also, I literally spend all my free time crawling the internet looking at vegan desserts and dinner ideas, so it is time to give back and at the very least suggest some good eats to the rest of you! Anyway, I am excited to kick this whole thing off with Vegan Mofo... if you aren't familiar with what that means, read about it here.

I'll be posting recipe reviews and tweaks and restaurant reviews along with other parts of my daily adventures as a vegan in a world full of meat-eaters. Luckily I have my vegan husband and two dogs by my side (yes they have recently become vegans too, thanks to V-Dog!).

I'll be back to post for real... really soon.

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