Thursday, August 29, 2013

CCK Single Lady Cakes

Chocolate Covered Katie is my favorite blog out there. It combines two things I love - being mindful of what I put in my body and... chocolate! If you haven't been there yet, stop what you are doing and go there right now! Katie seems like a really sweet girl who is about my age, so I like that about her blog too.

This past weekend my hubby went on a trip with his high school buddies so I was home alone. I ventured to a part of CCK that I have never been to before... the single lady recipes. This proved to be an eye opening experience. I tried the one minute chocolate cake and the chocolate peanut butter cake. Find the recipes at those links. These recipes are SUPER easy and quick - they bake right in the microwave in less than 2 minutes! And I managed to only dirty one bowl when making them. You can bake them in a mug or a little dish. I used cute little ramekins.

The one minute chocolate cake was delicious, decadent, and fudgey. I felt like it was a little salty but that was probably just the bitterness of the chocolate coming through. I will add a little more sugar next time I make it. I mixed together some syrup, almond milk, powdered sugar, peanut butter, and a little more cocoa powder for a frosting for this cake. And of course topped it with sprinkles and a few chocolate chips. Unfortunately I have no pictures to share of these cute little cakes but I will try and take one soon! Or you can go to Katie's site and see her beautiful photography of them.

The chocolate peanut butter cake was especially exciting to make because it calls for PB2, which I recently found at my local Walmart! I had looked into ordering it online but then I chickened out. I find that I am way my stingy with my money when I shop online but seeing it in the store made me take the plunge. PB2 is a lower calorie version of peanut butter than comes in a powdered form and you mix it with water yourself. A lot of the bad-for-you oils are removed. Anyway, it was a nice alternative in this recipe that kept the calories down. I also made a really yummy cream cheese frosting for my chocolate peanut butter cake by combining a little Tofutti cream cheese and powdered sugar (which I'm sure is not CCK approved :-) ). Overall this cake was even better than the chocolate one I had made before, but it was not quite as moist. This one was a little dry so I would add more almond milk next time.

You just can't beat the low calories in these guys (around 200 each), especially if you convince yourself to save half the cake for the next day! I successfully managed that the first time but ate the whole thing in one evening the next time.

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